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php-ZendFramework2-Feed - Zend Framework 2: Feed Component

Remi Collet
Zend\Feed provides functionality for consuming RSS and Atom feeds. It provides
a natural syntax for accessing elements of feeds, feed attributes, and entry
attributes. Zend\Feed also has extensive support for modifying feed and entry
structure with the same natural syntax, and turning the result back into XML.
In the future, this modification support could provide support for the Atom
Publishing Protocol.

Zend\Feed consists of Zend\Feed\Reader for reading RSS and Atom feeds,
Zend\Feed\Writer for writing RSS and Atom feeds, and Zend\Feed\PubSubHubbub
for working with Hub servers. Furthermore, both Zend\Feed\Reader and
Zend\Feed\Writer support extensions which allows for working with additional
data in feeds, not covered in the core API but used in conjunction with RSS
and Atom feeds.


php-ZendFramework2-Feed-2.4.10-1.el5.remi.noarch [83 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2016-06-12):
- Update to 2.4.10 (RHBZ #1343995 / RHBZ #1343990)
- Switch to GitHub source (and separate ZendXml pkg)
- Move autoloader into spec
php-ZendFramework2-Feed-2.4.9-1.el5.remi.noarch [83 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2015-11-25):
- Update to 2.4.9