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php-ZendFramework2-Console - Zend Framework 2: Console Component

Remi Collet
Zend Framework 2 features built-in console support.

When a Zend\Application is run from a console window (a shell window), it will
recognize this fact and prepare Zend\Mvc components to handle the request.
Console support is enabled by default, but to function properly it requires at
least one console route and one action controller to handle the request.

* Console routing allows you to invoke controllers and action depending on
  command line parameters provided by the user.
* Module Manager integration allows ZF2 applications and modules to display
  help and usage information, in case the command line has not been understood
  (no route matched).
* Console-aware action controllers will receive a console request containing
  all named parameters and flags. They are able to send output back to the
  console window.
* Console adapters provide a level of abstraction for interacting with console
  on different operating systems.
* Console prompts can be used to interact with the user by asking him questions
  and retrieving input.


php-ZendFramework2-Console-2.4.10-1.el7.remi.noarch [38 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2016-06-12):
- Update to 2.4.10 (RHBZ #1343995 / RHBZ #1343990)
- Switch to GitHub source (and separate ZendXml pkg)
- Move autoloader into spec
php-ZendFramework2-Console-2.4.9-1.el7.remi.noarch [38 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2015-11-25):
- Update to 2.4.9