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php-nette-database - Nette Database Component

BSD or GPLv2 or GPLv3
Remi Collet
Nette provides a powerful layer for accessing your database easily.

- composes SQL queries with ease
- easily fetches data
- uses efficient queries and does not transmit unnecessary data

The Nette\Database\Connection class is a wrapper around the PDO
and represents a connection to the database. The core functionality
is provided by Nette\Database\Context. Nette\Database\Table layer
provides an enhanced layer for table querying.

To use this library, you just have to add, in your project:
  require_once '/usr/share/php/Nette/Database/autoload.php';


php-nette-database-2.4.4-1.el7.remi.noarch [45 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2017-08-06):
- Update to 2.4.4
php-nette-database-2.4.2-1.el7.remi.noarch [47 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2017-02-02):
- update to 2.4.2