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php-guzzle-Guzzle - PHP HTTP client library and framework for building RESTful web service clients

Remi Collet
Guzzle takes the pain out of sending HTTP requests and the redundancy out
of creating web service clients.

Guzzle is a framework that includes the tools needed to create a robust web
service client, including: Service descriptions for defining the inputs and
outputs of an API, resource iterators for traversing paginated resources,
batching for sending a large number of requests as efficiently as possible.

* All the power of cURL with a simple interface
* Persistent connections and parallel requests
* Streams request and response bodies
* Service descriptions for quickly building clients
* Powered by the Symfony2 EventDispatcher
* Use all of the code or only specific components
* Plugins for caching, logging, OAuth, mocks, and more

Optional dependencies:
* Doctrine Cache (1.4.3 <= php-doctrine-cache < 2.0)
* Monolog (1.15.0 <= php-Monolog < 2.0)
* Zend Framework 2 Cache (2.4.7 <= php-ZendFramework2-Cache < 3)
* Zend Framework 2 Log (2.4.7 <= php-ZendFramework2-Log < 3)

Autoloader: /usr/share/php/Guzzle/autoload.php

***** EOL NOTICE *****

This package is for Guzzle 3.x. Guzzle 5.x+, the new versions of Guzzle, has
been released and is available as the package "php-guzzlehttp-guzzle". The
documentation for Guzzle version 5+ can be found at

Guzzle 3 is only maintained for bug and security fixes. Guzzle 3 will be EOL at
some point in late 2015.



php-guzzle-Guzzle-3.9.3-17.el8.remi.noarch [208 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2018-05-28):
- Fix typo